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Coaches Covid Checklist

Note: If someone informs you that they have developed symptoms within 48 hrs after attending the club, you MUST do the following.

  1. Please immediately inform Bruce Elder, the clubs Covid-19 First Aid Liaison officer, who will complete the RFU notification form so that the RFU can keep track of the virus within grassroots rugby.
  2. Inform all those who were in attendance the previous Sunday that someone has presented symptoms 48 hrs rugby (without disclosing the name). Once the results of the test are know, update your group accordingly.

We are now at Stage E in the ‘Return to Rugby’ RFU Roadmap. This checklist should be read in conjunction with:

OCRFC Return to Rugby update
OCRFC Covid 19 page
OCRFC OCRFC Covid-19Track & Trace Protocol

If you are planning on continuing with the Ready4Rugby format instead of implementing the new stage E Contact game format then you can continue to do so under but you are free to do so under the guidance of stage E. (i.e. it is not necessary to abide by the restricted player numbers or pitch sizes that were part of Stage D guidelines)

Note to all:  All participants (Players/Coaches.Volunteers) MUST complete our OCRFC COVID 19 Track & Trace google form and this MUST be returned to your Team Manager BEFORE Sunday. 

  • Liaise with your Team Manager before Sunday to ensure you have upto date info on your players and their attendance.
  • Plan your session BEFORE training to avoid players standing around.
  • Have a clear Plan in place for the first 10 minutes while players arrive to avoid them loitering and gathering unsupervised.
  • Nominate volunteers to administer/monitor Players Sanitising their hands on arrival. 
  • Training MUST be compiled of 15 minute blocks
  • At the end of each 15 minute block instruct the players to sanitise their hands and have a water break.
  • At the end of each 15 minute block the Coaches MUST wash equipment/balls (if used).

For a more detailed breakdown of our clubs Covid-19 Coaching Risk Assessment please go to.

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