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Covid 19 and Concussion update


We have a few things we need to ask of you with regards to Covid 19 and also some information to share with you about the Covid-19 GRTP (Gradual Return To Play) Protocol and the Concussion GRTP protocol.

We thank you in advance for reading and actioning the important points below so that we can all enjoy attending rugby.

Covid -19 – Lateral Flow Testing

In light of the recent increase in Covid cases in a lot of our players represented schools, the wider community and in the emergence of new strains, we would like to ask everyone attending Horn Park or other clubs to try to complete a LFT before attending.  We appreciate that many of you may already be doing this for work/school which is great so this is a message for everyone who isn’t testing on a regular basis.  Also, if your child is of an age where they already test on a Sunday before school then may we please ask that they simply ensure that this is done Sunday morning rather than the night before school.  This request to test before attending Rugby is not being enforced or checked as before but is simply to request that if possible, we all consider returning to a slightly more vigilant monitoring of Covid before attending. Thank you everyone.
We would also like to share the following 2 very important protocols regarding Graduated Return to Play.


Covid-19 GRTP (Graduated Return to Play) Protocol

If your child has recently tested positive for Covid-19 then please familiarise yourself with the attached Guidance sheet which should be followed when returning to active rugby or any other physical activity that they may take part in.  This was kindly shared by by our 1XV team player and Club Physio, Dele.  
Please see the attached guidance sheet.



Concussion GRTP (Graduated Return to Play) Protocol
Please may we also encourage all Parents and Players (from U6/7’s up to U18’s) to complete the RFU’s online Concussions awareness resource called HEADCASE.  

It is so important to be able to recognise the signs of concussion and it is especially important that, if your child has had a knock to the head during the week, that you assess them properly before allowing them to take part in training or matches.   If they do NOT show any signs of Concussion then you MUST still inform your Team Manager and Coaches so they are aware.  Communication between home and the club is key to keeping all our wonderful young athletes safe. 

Please be assured that the club coaches and volunteers have all completed this course and our club’s Coaches strive to ensure that all our players are taught the correct and safe methods of play.

There are 2 Modules available – One for Volunteers (Training Module) and one for Parents (Open Access).  The course is FREE, it takes approximately 30 minutes and we would like to encourage all parents to familiarise themselves with the signs of Concussion and also to be aware of the necessary steps that should be taken if your child does show signs of concussion.  

Please click here to view the resource:




NOTE:  If you are a new Parent Volunteer and are yet to complete the course then please:
– log in to your GMS account first, 
– select FIND A COURSE
– Add your postcode (don’t select anything from the Course menu)
– add eLearning Headcase Concussion Awareness Training into your basket
– Check out for FREE to ensure that the course is logged on your GMS Profile
– You will then receive a link by email to complete the course


If you do have a child who is following the GRTP protocol, then after observing the 23 day protocol, our clubs Physio and 1XV team player, Bamidele (Dele) is able to assess them as clear to return in his capacity as a Health Care Professional.  

Do contact Dele on where you can arrange to meet with him at the club on Wednesdays between 17:45 – 18:30 before the 1XV team training session.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this long message and to educate yourselves and your children so that you (and they) will then be able to spot the signs and alert someone. Prevention is really is the key.    

Many thanks, from the OCRFC Safeguarding team and our OCRFC Club Physio Bamidele Agorioge



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