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Wander in the Park


OCs set the tone for the season with thumping win over Thanet Wanderers.


Newly promoted Thanet travelled to newly relegated Old Colfeians for the first league game of the season. As always there were a number of uncertainties/unanswered questions that the fans were keen to find answers for:

1. how will the new look young OCs side fair this year?

2. Will they be able to succeed without RICH and Mr B?!

3. Has Gunner’s hair finally escaped him?

4. Surely, SURELY, Andy Gardner won’t be in the first team, he’s at least 45 isn’t he?!?


The fans didn’t have to wait long for the answers to 3 and 4 as the sides ran out. Gunner still  proudly sporting the comb over and perhaps more unbelievably AG donning the 7 shirt to prove those haters wrong. The fans had to wait 80 mins for The answers to 1 and 2 but I’m happy to say they were positive.


As for the game, there were too many tries to talk them through play by play. In summary:

– Freddie Berridge impressed at 13 with 2 powerful tries which earned him the MOTM bear

– Fred the Vet looked a more than able back row option on debut with 2 tries

– Dan Wood worked tirelessly all game and also rewarded himself with a brace

– AOM looked happy to be in London 2 again, clocking up a try and 1 dose of on pitch vomiting.

– And yes, even AG scored and collected the MOTM champagne. For god sake.

AGFreddie Berridge

OCs dominated in the scrum and in the backs all afternoon. Impressive and encouraging debuts from Seb Williams, Adam Whittaker, Fred Humphries and Evan McDonald.


Thanet bagged a couple of scores of the back of some frustrating OC errors, proving that this outfit is by far from perfect, lots to work on in training still!


All in all though, it was a positive and dominant display. Get down to Horn Park this season, should be an exciting year . . .


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