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Tough day for the Yellow and Blue Chiefs


We knew before  today it was always going to be a tough match against Gravesend as they finished a few places above us in Kent rankings last year but the lads played in top spirit and even though players were missing from both sides due to half term, see below a few highlights from the friendly fixture.

The Blue Match

0-0 – Very scrappy start by both teams
0-1 – Half a sleep following a penalty allows a score in the corner.
0-1 – Good rip by Tony to gain some much needed ground for OC’s
0-1 – Great offload by Leo in the tackle to realise Valentino 
0-1 – Nice idea by Will with a grubber kick but well defended by Gravesend.
2nd half 
0-2 – Good try by Gravesend moving the ball along the line.
0-2 – Good line break by Stevie gaining some valuable ground.
0-2 – Forwards getting more possession and win a scrum against the head.
0-2 – Great covering tackle by James K and Matteo stopping a certain Gravesend try.
0-2 – Quick tap and go penalty by Leo gains 20m but again to no avail 
0-3 – Couple of missed tackles in the midfield leads to another Gravesend try
0-4 – Another defence laps in midfield and good finish by Gravesend.
0-5 – Boys switched off by now and the final whistle blows following the final Gravesend try.
All in all, the scrum looked better in the 2nd half and it should have been closer than the scoreline suggests but the boys tired in the last 10mins and probably ” just one of those days ”


With a few injuries and players away for both sides, the Yellow match became two games of sevens rugby.
With the warm weather and a lot of running required that made it a tough test for both sides.


The Yellow’s

Match 1

Chiefs started the first game brightly.
JJ ran through the middle for the first try.
Zail follows with a weaving run for the second.
Good tackle by Zail. Leading by example as vice captain.
Taan’s strong run results in a try.

But each try has been answered by Gravesend so it’s 3-3.

Strong running by Kyron almost results in a try.
Hugo’s kicking is pegging Gravesend back. Chiefs are on top
A good drive from Lukas puts Chiefs close to the line but we can’t convert.
Kyran makes a try saving tackle on the wing.
Another JJ run through the middle and it’s 4-3 Chiefs
Static defence from Chiefs and we are easily beaten for 4-4.
Another great offload from Richie, having a good game for the opposition!
Zac strong run and held the ball well, offloads to Kyron who runs through 3 tacklers to make it 5-4
A high kick and Hugo receives well. Runs through tackles to offload to Taan who scores.

Chiefs win the first game 6-4

Match 2

Gravesend hit us with 2 quick tries, both runs straight through the middle. 0-2
Some of the Chief’s tackling is too high and the penalties are racking up.
Harry rucks well and forces a turnover for Chiefs.
Zac T, for the opposition, shows strong running and great positioning to score 0-3
0-4, another simple try. Chiefs not lining up in defence.
Valentino has a good run but ball is spilled just short of the line
Valentino from the back of a ruck makes an excellent run and scores. 1-4
Strong tackling from Harry stops a certain try.
Great tackle from Hugo. Then off the back of the ruck, Zac (kindly playing for Gravesend) picks up and scores for the visitors. His team mates should know better! 1-5
Alex shows great stamina by chasing every ball down and running in two solo tries in the last few minutes.

Gravesend win 5-3

So, 1 game apiece with all players seeing plenty of the ball and contributing lots. Great stuff Chiefs.


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