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We’re doing a bit of a project at the club to essentially audit the membership base to ensure we can get the right people on board for projects and harness the talent pool we have within the OCRFC community.

This will come in the form of:

a) OCRFC hopefully getting a hand with things from people who have knowledge in certain areas. E.g. Are you an architect who could help with future plans for the clubhouse? Are you a plumber that wouldn’t mind helping out next time the showers go on the blink?

b) A database (The OCRFC Business Directory) for us all to refer to when requiring help in our business/personal lives. Our web master is creating a section of the website where we’ll be able to toggle OCRFC businesses by category and help each other out rather than going to random companies.

Please fill out this form if you’d like to be a part of it. I think this could be a really positive thing, particularly in the current climate!

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