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New cup for Horn Park


With so much going on at Horn Park it would be so easy to forget the small things but luckily MJ and team don’t allow this to happen. Over the last year there have been many major projects such as the new roof and the new floor in the hall. The refurbishment of the bowls club is the latest project, a very exciting development for all with a larger area being created and a new kitchen and floor being installed. Now to the small things that do really make a difference, you might have seen the recent BBC programme ‘Drowning in Plastic’ and Horn Park is trying to make a difference. We no longer have plastic straws (that is a relief strawpedos were never fun) and this weekend we will see the launch of the new reusable plastic cup for drinking outside. It will be a limited addition and for those collectors out there once these run out a new design will be launched. Perhaps someone would like to sponsor the next design have your face on the cup or a company logo….

For these of you who are lucky enough to go to Twickenham you will know the drill, pay a £1 deposit for your cup and then return with it to the bar each time you want a refill. Once you are ready to go home you either return your cup and collect your £1 or take your cup home to add to the collection you already have.



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