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More changes to the season?


So as we know, nobody knows what is going to happen with rugby. Whilst we have enjoyed some success in the community cups over the last 2 seasons, these look set to change both in that and the league.

So have a read how the plans for our season will change.

Anyone who has been involved in rugby over the last decade will have reservations about this. At the end of the league season when players are tired/injured they will not be jumping for joy at the new run of cup fixtures. While yes, this may be a good opportunity to win something for teams at the right end of the table, clubs who have endured a season long struggle will be less keen to compete. I foresee a lot of walkovers in the new format but as we say, time will tell. It will probably have changed by October, I mean the RFU never change their minds, do they?

Link below to the new league/cup proposals


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