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More cards then tackles


The second away game of the season for the OC 3RDS team. A strong kick start from Stampy , with a strong starting pack of OC players ready to charge downhill behind him, in windy and rainy conditions. Swanley were charging up the hill into well prepared defensive line, which was preventing them from scoring. The referee gave a penalty against the OC team which threw up a discussion between Stampy and the referee, then referee decided to give Stampy a Yellow card and put him in the sin bin for 10 minutes. The opposition opted to take a scrum not far from the try line, The OC won the scrum and we push back the opposition back down the hill, gunning for the try line with some brilliant passes along the line. The referee, gave a penalty against the opposition which by the time Stampy was allowed back on from being in the sin bin, the referee also decided to send one of the opposition players off with a Yellow card. The OC took a Scrum not far from their try line, the referee decided the opposition kept giving the OC a opportunity near the try line which then lead to a brilliant try by Stampy. Then with a great Conversion kick from Stampy, both teams then reset, with the opposition ready to kick off the rest of first half. The OC took a great ball and with that the forwards took it in to the opposition as we used the blues and blacks balls we passed it out along the line to give some of the back’s a chance to run through the defence of the opposition as we trundled down the hill towards the try line, the oc scored a another brilliant try with some great passing in the backs and into the forwards pack where Danny scored. The whistle blew for half-time the OC where up by 12-0 in the first half of the game. In the first half we had a few OC players come off due to injuries which some of the subs Got off the bench and onto the pitch. During half time both teams were in the hurdles discussing how they could make the second-half better and more entertaining by the looks of how both teams are not very happy with the referee decisions during the first half of the game. The referee blew the whistle to begin the second half of the game, the OCs team new they had to work extra hard and fight extra hard to get up the hill and score a try, we knew Swanley were going to come travelling down the hill at full speed to score a try. The OC ticked off to start the second half of the game, as the forwards and both wings charged up as the opposition was getting ready to receive the ball so that we could prepare a defensive line when the opposition run into our Defensive line so we could hopefully turn the ball, there was a few more penalties given by both sides with some also poor decisions from the referee (I my opinion). As the game went on the OCs team batting against mother nature and that’s including going uphill and running into some big opposition and some small opposition, The OCs did their best to keep hold the ball and to score another try. The second-half seem to be a bit of a kicking game as Both wingers and the full back, got back as fast as they could to pick up the ball and run back up the hill with some brilliant miles regained up the hill to the try line. Near the end of the second half there was some more misunderstanding from both teams with the referee , about some decisions that were made, but despite what the Referee was doing, both sides continue to play a good game of rugby. The OCs during the second-half made some brilliant ground in the middle of the pitch and with the wings specially on the left wing where Hamish made some brilliant ground up hill so hopefully OC get a chance to score before the end of the game. During the last few minutes of the game the OC were up in Swanleys half of the pitch as we were given a penalty, OCs decided to take a scrum not far from the try line so we could give one more big push to hopefully level the playing field with some more scores on the board. Despite OC best efforts the opposition managed to overturn the ball, with one last kick which brought the OC back down hill near to our try line we knew we had to hold the line as long as we could, we managed to hold the opposition off by getting one last turnover pushing back a bit but we couldn’t get through that defence as they got one last try.The OC third team played well against Swanley, we did our best to defend against such a strong side. The OC can look forward to playing again Swanley but at our home ground hopefully later on in the season. The OC team held There head’s high though out game , specially when it got tough going up hill in second half of game in all was good game from both sides ,the OC man of the match was Hamish MacGregor.

Score 12-20

Author Hamish


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