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Great start for the 2’s


The main points raised in the pre match team talk was about having a good start to set the president for day. Seconds after the first whistle we had been pinged for starting in front of the kicker. Fortunately, due an experienced front row the OCs scrum was able to march forward and win the ball straight back. We then spent the next 15 minuets camped in their 22, struggling to convert, but after patience in attack and strong carries from Dele and Baptiste, Brendan Macmillan was able to crash over the line for our first try of the day. Moments before the Reigate second row had been yellow carded after they had given a conglomerate of penalties meters from the line. Ryan Napa unable to convert.

OCs continued to pressure Reigate and nullify any attack they tried to muster up. However due to impressive levels of mediocrity of basic handling skills in the backs, the score remained tight. We were finally able to ship the ball down the line successfully and a pickup off the toes from Connor McDonald led to OC’s scoring their second try of the afternoon in the corner. Napa still yet to dissect the posts.

Shortly after the try, AG pulled his calf in a scrum resulting in a reshuffling of the pack, moving Brendan into the front row, and putting Chris Hooper in at 8. The game should have been put to bed, but due to ill-discipline in defence and needless penalties, Reigate still had hope.  

OCs able to gain some more phases of possession, saw us with a lineout just outside of the opposition 22. Reigate did their best to spoil our set piece, but effective sniping from Jed Wylie put OCs three scores to the good, and to top it off, Ryan Napa converts his first conversion of the game. The half time whistle blew shortly after.

Bateson made three changes at half time sending Potter, Este and Dan Dunbar over from the other game to replace Napa, Ade and Brendan.

The second half began to drag on with countless scrums from various handling errors, and after 18 months without rugby the forwards were reminded why they don’t like backs. The Reigate prop with a classic ‘seatbelt tackle’ on Chris Hooper left the ref no choice but to send him to the bin. Having picked a scrum from the penalty, we thought with the extra man we could draw in their defenders and score out wide. However, Chris with his academy level decision making picked up from the base of the scrum and trucked it over the line. Jack potter claims the extra 2 points. Like the beginning of the fast half, Old Colfe’s are knocking on the door but failing to convert in the opposition red zone. To finish off the afternoon, Sam PH was able to pump the legs whilst letting out a ferocious battle cry to get over the line. Potter slots the kick and Colfe’s can see the game out with more scrummaging. The final whistle blew, and the teams retreated to the bar after a great runout and having set a good platform for the upcoming season.

Frank Blythe


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