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Good Win but a Bad Injury


With strong performances across the board, it was hard to pick one individual as the 1s made it 4 wins on the spin this week.

Stand out performances from Alex Smith, Louis Baker, Andy Baker’s Brother’s son were not enough to get their hands on the bear.

A dominant scrum throughout the game meant that Lloyd Evans was deserving of giving Trev the Bear a new home for the week.

MOTM ???? – Lloyd Evans

Some feedback from Brenden McMillan following Saturdays game –

“Yeah the splint helped a lot to get to the hospital. Ended up only getting home about 3:30 am  I’ve fractured my fibula and dislocated my ankle they said a talus shift which was quite a bad one. They put it back in place last night and put me in a cast but I’ll probably have to get surgery for the ligaments because the shift was quite drastic.”

We wish him a speedy recovery from this bad injury.


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