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Vicky Fleetwood with four of OCRFC's Crimsons

So, after 30 matches between 12 teams over 17 days, inevitably it came down to two. Black versus White. Black Ferns. Red Roses. The Final of the Women’s World Cup.

More than 18 thousand fanatical (and noisy!) supporters packed into Belfast’s Kingspan Stadium for this latest clash between the world’s two highest ranked teams, the fifth time England and New Zealand have contested the final.

Amongst that number a quartet of our own “Crimsons.” There to enjoy the occasion, to learn from and be inspired by the very best, and of course to support a particular Red Rose.

The Times reported it may have been the “greatest women’s test match” and certainly the girls were fortunate to witness a titanic struggle for the trophy.

It ended 41-32. 11 tries. Two wholly contrasting halves. In terms of possession and points scored, England dominant in the first forty, New Zealand even more so in the second.

The Black Ferns worthy winners.

One of the great things about women’s rugby, even at this exalted level, is the engagement players still have with supporters after a match. Players head into the stands to seek out families and friends of course, but equally to talk with fans and pose (inevitably) for hundreds of selfies.

Despite the huge disappointment she’d obviously have felt, Vicky climbed the terraces to find her four special supporters.

Juliette, Marianna, Lara and Iona have been stalwarts of the first Crimsons’ season, missing only a handful of sessions and coming along to support their teammates even when injured. Certainly, seeing the dedication Vicky shows to the sport has provided the best of examples, and hopefully this experience has further inspired them to try and follow in her footsteps.

With the new season almost upon us, it’s time to start training girls!


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