Whats Next for Rugby ?


The club is working hard behind the scenes at getting us ready for next season although we are not 100% clear on what form that will take as of yet. It will be a gradual approach as we restart activities based on the Governments and RFU guidelines and what makes commercial sense for our club. 


A detailed guidance on Age Grade Return to Rugby can be found in Deborah Park’s  – Kent County June 2020 Youth Chairs report  which highlights that whilst we are in our normal “Out of Season’ phase, we are not in normal times and any and all pre-season training sessions must adhere to the “new normal” protocols established.

A full overview from the RFU along with lots of supporting info can be found on the RFU’s Return to Rugby Community Road Map page

Kent RFU Survey on getting Back to Rugby – Kent have asked us to circulate this request, perhaps you have concerns about what will happen? Please could you fill out the survey to help Kent identify the key actions they need to take to help all clubs reboot the game in Kent when the Government and RFU give the signal that it is safe to do so. https://www.kent-rugby.org/news/survey-getting-back-to-playing-rugby-after-covid/

ZOOM FITNESS – Just to update that the online Zoom Fitness sessions that were run by Tom and Vicky aimed at the U13’s – U18’s have now finished. However, this Sunday saw the first week of trail fitness sessions on the Bowling green attended by a select number of Crimsons and Colts. There were 2 x 45 mins sessions. Each fitness session comprised of 2 groups of 6 spaced at either end of the bowling green and was carried out in individual coned squares and followed strict Covid protocols. Unfortunately the pitches are currently unavailable to use and therefore any plans to allow other age groups to meet for controlled sessions is still under review so do watch this space for updates.



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