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OC’s V Colfes School Friendly

U13s OCs V Colfes School

A Great friendly match was had today BEFORE the rain came down!

1st half

0-1  Good run by Colfes centre to break several tackles to score.
0-2  Poor midfield defence allows another try.
0-3  Another try ” Come on OC’s”
0-3  OC’s finally getting there hands on the ball and making good ground with some nice off loads.
1-3  High kick by Leo good chase to get the ball back and he goes over for the try.
2-3  Good work by Isaac and Matteo leading to a penalty quick tap and go by Leo to score.

2nd half

3-3  Great work this time by Kyron and Josh C to get the ball out Leo who chips over the top and gets a luckily bounce off the fullbacks head to touch down for his Hat trick.

3-3  With some Colfes boys now playing for OC’s the scrum looks more solid and George starts a move out wide but good covering defence stops Oliver short of the try line.

3-3  Strong straight running by Matteo again takes OC’s  15m up the field.

3-3  Great last minute tackle by James K to stop a certain try in the corner shortly after the referee blows for full time.

Final score 3-3 

Great effort by all with the game being played in great spirit with the boys sharing some friendly banter throughout   and a special mention to Jacob (Under 12’s) who put in some great tackles and did not look out of place playing a year up ” Well done Jacob” ,  THE big positive for all the boys today was not putting there heads down when at 0-3 so a great fight back well done to both sides with a couple more boys from the school  showing interest  in playing for OC’s…Watch this space.

A big thank you to the school for their hospitality today with hot drinks and food laid on for all.  Look forward to playing them again soon.


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