News Update Monday 25th May


Hi everyone

Just a quick update I hope you and your family are keeping well and safe.

Nick Evans – Some of you may have heard the news, but for those that haven’t an update.

Unfortunately Nick Evans, the man who kept the 3’s and Vets going for many seasons, suffered a stroke last week caused by a small blood clot in his brain.

He seems to be as well as can be expected, but is still in hospital recovering and appears to be in good spirits. The stroke has currently affected his ability to swallow, so he is being fed via a tube to provide nutrition.

I have spoken to him today and he was in good form and starting to swallow very small amounts, he hoping to be in hospital for only a few more days before coming home to recover.

All of us at the club wish him a speedy recovery.

                                     ************************************                                                                                       OCRFC FUNDRAISING NEWS

A huge thank you to the 91 people that have contributed so far to our campaign, we are now over 50% towards the target. Follow this link to see the many ways you can help


Best Ever OCRFC XV – cast your vote for the various position we are looking for the best team since the league system started in 1987, we are now at number 11 follow the link for the details


Keep Fit Virtual Sessions 

Join in with Vicky and Tom as they help you stay fit, Sunday mornings at 11am and Thursday evenings at 6pm.
Details on plus some other activities as well.


Club AGM Sunday 21st June – details coming round soon but it will be a virtual meeting via Zoom as we following both the Government and RFU guidelines.


Keep Safe




Dave Hodgkiss

OCRFC Chairman


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