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New Membership -Option 2

My child is returning to OCRFC from a break and is RFU registered

Firstly, we are very pleased that your child is returning to OCRFC and we look forward to seeing them again at Horn Park!

All YOUTH Player profiles (U6’s – U18’s) are controlled by the registered Parents and therefore you will need a GMS account to re-register your child at OC’s

The process is best carried out on a desktop using Chrome. It can be done on mobile devices but the layout may be different to the one explained below.

I don’t have a GMS account

No worries, just follow the steps below to set one up.

If you have any trouble here is a step by step guide:

YES – I have a GMS Account

Please Log in to your parent GMS profile and follow the instructions below:

  • If Old Colfeians RFC is still showing in the ‘My Organisations’ area in the centre of the screen, then you are still associated with our club and you can simply ‘Re-affiliate’ all your family members. However, as it is customary to un-assign the accounts of any players and their Parents/Guardians when they leave the club, it is likely that you will need to rejoin.
  • If Old Colfeians RFC is NOT showing in the ‘My Organisations’ area, please select the +Add button in the ‘My Organisations’ area and search for Old Colfeians, then select Join.
  • We now need your child’s FULL NAME and DATE of BIRTH to reassign them to your account. Please send this to:
  • Once we have informed you that things are ready to proceed, you can then simply follow instructions in the ‘Renew Membership’ page

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