New Membership – OPTION 1

The following process is best carried out on a desktop using Chrome. It can be done on mobile devices but the layout may be different to the one explained below.

All YOUTH Player profiles (U6’s – U18’s) are controlled by the registered Parents.

The whole process has 3 stages

  1. Set up a parent/guardian account to add your children and other family members to
  2. Register the players with the RFU to be able to play
  3. Purchase our club membership

Stage 1. Set up a Parent account and add family members:

For a step by step guide go to:

You are now ready to complete the next stage

Stage 2. Register your players with the RFU

For a step by step guide go to:

  • Repeat the registration process for all your Players.
  • You have now completed the RFU Registration stage
  • You can now proceed to stage 3 to purchase your club membership.

Stage 3. Purchase Club Membership

Select ‘Buy Membership’ from the Green action area

or select each person in turn from the Family/friends area then choose the appropriate membership for each.

Click on each name in turn and add the appropriate membership.

1. Against your name you can add Social Membership or 200 club Lottery to your basket if you wish. (See info below) This is not obligatory but will help our club financially and help keep our players subs low so all can access Rugby. Discounts available when purchased as the same time as player membership! (no need to renew if this is already set up)

2. Then click on your child/children’s names in turn and add their player membership to your basket.

3. NEW THIS YEAR…You can now also add any Kit you may need! (Any items not listed can be bought from the club shop in person)

Select ‘Add on’s’ to access kit options.


Discounts will automatically be calculated in your basket when you check out.

To qualify for Sibling and social membership discounts the transaction must be made from the parent profile that is linked to all the players.  If your children are split across both parents then use the ‘Add player’ option to assign all your players to one parent account and proceed with your order from within that profile.

Payment options

You can pay using credit or debit card

Note:  If you have either 200 club Lottery or Social Club memberships in your basket you will be prompted to set up a Direct Debit Mandate.  You will then pay for everything via Direct Debit option.  The first payment will be for everything – Memberships, kit etc but then will revert to just monthly payments of the social or 200 club for subsequent months.

Registration ideally needs to be done as soon as possible and no later than 4 weeks from the start of the season or before their first game (whichever comes first)

If you have any problems or questions do contact Old colfeians GMS support on:

How can we help you pay?

Instalments: If you are unable to pay in one lump sum then please contact your Team Manager to see if we can help set up instalments.

Financial Assistance: We also have a club Bursary fund which is available to assist with membership fees. Should you feel this may be of assistance then please fill in our Financial Assistance form which can also be found in the ‘Other info area’ of our page and then hand to your Team Manager.  (Team Manager details can be found on each age groups page)

How else can I help the club?

It is really important to us that our Player Subs are kept as low as possible to enable ALL to enjoy rugby at our club.

Therefore… if you are able to help our club even further by perhaps topping up your subs or by joining up to the 2 schemes below then the extra funds will be put to fantastic use by allowing us to continue providing things such as:

  • Low subs to enable ALL to access rugby
  • complimentary food for visiting teams
  • ongoing maintenance and regeneration work on and off the pitch
  • Work within the local community
  • funding even bigger projects such as our club renovations
  • as well as the continuing support of our 1st team

Both schemes can be purchased online.

Social Membership                                                         

Social members enjoy the benefits of The Colfeians Association which include access to the clubs facilities including 10% of Alcoholic drinks at the bar and entry in the International Tickets draw!


Add Social Membership at the same time as Player membership in your GMS basket and instead of £10 p/month you pay just £7 …£36 DISCOUNT!  Click here to login to your GMS profile

200 Club                                               


Join our 200 club and be in our monthly draw for 1st, 2nd and 3rd CASH prizes.
You’ve got to be in it to win it!

If you are unable to purchase electronically then please do use the forms attached below instead and send them to

OCRFC Social Membership Form

OCRFC 200 club form

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