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Parents Covid Checklist

This checklist should be read in conjunction with:

OCRFC Return to Rugby update
OCRFC Covid 19 page
OCRFC OCRFC Covid-19Track & Trace Protocol

All participants (Players/Coaches.Volunteers) MUST complete our OCRFC COVID 19 Track & Trace google form and this MUST be returned to your Team Manager BEFORE Sunday.

  • Your Team Manager will send you our COVID-19 Track & Trace google form.
  • Please complete the form and return it to your Team Manager BEFORE Sunday.  Sadly No form = No Training
  • If any answers to the questions change after submission, please contact your Team Manager immediately to withdraw from training and so that we can update our records for track and trace monitoring.
  • Players are encouraged to bring their own Hand sanitiser (Coaches will have some sanitiser available too)
  • Players are to bring their own water bottle labeled with their name.  (No team water bottles will be available)
  • Try to avoid giving lifts to other players if at all possible.
  • Try to cycle/walk if possible and keep use of public transport to a minimum.
  • On arrival, the player is to report to their Team Manager who will direct them to their training group.
  • Parents are to refrain from entering the pitches and should following their age group guidance on where to spectate.

Guidelines for Parent spectating?

  • Spectators attending Youth training sessions must spread out along their designated areas (which include along the garden fences on the pitch – but NOT in between the pitches)  
  • Spectators should avoid huddling together and keep socially distanced.
  • If you are a parent/guardian spectator with children in more than one age group, please be mindful of your movements and apply the guidelines outlined.

Click here For advice on our OCRFC Covid-19Track & Trace Protocol

For more detailed information on our Covid 19 measures that are in place, please see our Club Coaching Covid-19 Risk Assessment below:

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