This page contains advice for everyone including specific instructions/checklists for Volunteers and how to incorporate the new Covid-19 protocols into your roles at the club.

New Rule of 6

Following the new guidance limiting Social Gatherings to 6 people we would like to draw your attention to our amended club guidelines. 
Organised Sport is exempt from the new government guidelines.  However, as spectators, we must now follow the amended club guidance which is outlined below. Therefore, please may we encourage all spectators to read and follow our OCRFC Spectators Guidelines which will be in force as of Sunday 20th September.

  • All parents attending training must attempt to self regulate and stand socially distanced in discrete groups of no more than 6.  
  • Spectators must spread out along their designated areas (which include along the garden fences on the pitch – but NOT in between the pitches)  
  • Each group of 6 must make an effort to distance from another group 
  • Spectators who are settled pitch side to watch are encouraged to remain with the same 6 spectators for the duration of the session and avoid splitting off to join other groups. This is just to minimise intermingling.
  • Obviously, if you have children in more than one age group, please be mindful of your movements and apply the guidelines outlined in this email.
  • Gathering needs to be socially distanced at all times within (or outside) a group of 6.

We thank you in advance for understanding and supporting our efforts. If we can achieve being a large number of people who are in lots of smaller pods then we will reflect what is being deemed acceptable in other open social spaces.

Covid-19 Instructions/Checklists

What is OC’s Track and Trace protocol

Collection of Contact Details and current Covid-19 Health status

All Players and Volunteers attending any rugby activity at Horn Park are required to complete our Covid 19 Google form as part of our Track & Trace protocol. The form will be issued to you by the Team Manager or Coach organising the activity. For Data privacy the details collected within the form will be collated and stored in our clubs secure Drop Box area and will be removed 21 days after.

All those who attend the club for Social reasons (i.e. attending the club house bar) will be required to sign in with your name and phone number and this is stored securely in the club office overnight.

Who do I contact if I have symptoms after attending the club?

  1. Please go to: for advice.
  2. Inform the organiser of your session (Team Manger, Coach etc.)

What will happen if someone informs us they have symptoms after attending the club?

If we are notified that someone is presenting with symptoms after taking part in rugby activity at Horn Park we will consult with our track and trace data and inform the immediate bubble of people they were in close contact with and refer them to the NHS website for further information without disclosing the name of the person involved.

Should the person inform us of a confirmed Positive result for COVID 19, the NHS track and trace system will liaise with us to advise us going forward

We will follow the advice of the NHS track and trace protocol should there be a localised issue within our club.

For all information and advice regarding Covid 19 please visit:

What is the club doing to keep everyone safe?

  • Hand sanitiser is available upon entry to the clubhouse and in the Club house bar using hands free foot action dispensers.
  • There is a one way system in place. 
    If visiting as a player – Entrance is via the right hand side gate and exit is via the back of the stand and out through car park.
    If visiting socially then entry is via the main entrance doors and Exit is via the the side garden or behind stands.  
    To re-enter the clubhouse you must re-enter through the main entrance.
    A Signing in book located in the bar area for social visitors to the club house.
  • Toilets:
    – Ladies accessed via the Back Bar Entrance. 
    – Males accessed from Pitch side changing room door and out through side door.
  • Regular disinfecting of toilets areas and areas of general use.

Please see below all our Covid Risk assessments  

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