Old Colfeians best ever xv

Jordan or LeBron?

Bradman or Tendulkar?

Gareth Edwards or Willie Heinz?

Whatever the sport, the comparison of players across generations has sustained many a clubhouse conversation; much (sometimes) drunken debate. Who really was the best?

At Old (or #New) Colfeians we’re no different. No less boring. Especially during 2020 and Lockdown.

The background

League Rugby in England began in 1987-8, fuelled by Courage (and no doubt Shepherd NEAME too) and a spirit of competition. We began in London 3 South East, equivalent to the level we’re now at, and in the intervening 32 seasons we’ve been as high as National 3 South. Won Kent Cups. Even the Thanet 7s once.

During that initial season, William G Stewart, an orphan raised in Sidcup, launched the popular Channel 4 quiz show “Fifteen to One.” If ever a format lent itself to Lockdown and Zoom!

The proposal

We thought now would be an opportune time (let’s face it there’s not much else to do) to begin our search for the Best XV to play for the club since the inception of leagues. Our own 15 to 1 if you like. Full Back to Loose-Head.

Over the course of the next month, we’d like you to choose that XV. To find your Inner Selector. For the more vociferous of our supporters, deprived the (non-essential exercise) prowl of their usual touchline habitat, a chance to vent by voting for the best to don the Colfeian shirt. To be Haggis for just this once. Trust me ….

Wingers who were lethal in attack but socially distanced in defence? Hookers on 60 fags a day who lived in a cloud of smoke impenetrable by any virus. Many who’d have looked far better in a mask.

A committee devoid of bias, and in large part hair, has met in its own Briefing Room A, to select 4 players per position. Sage rugby minds all, they have taken soundings and trawled the Colfeian annals to find the best players to represent the club. With a nod to tradition, occasionally they’ve simply picked who’s available.

How to take part

Starting on Saturday at 6pm we’ll post the names of those 4 players per position, beginning with that most self-isolated of rugby men, the full-backs. A brief bio for each if you can’t remember who they are.

Voting will be done on the @ColfesRugby Twitter account (please sign up as soon as you can) and will last 48 hours per position to give you time to mull and cull before making your pick.

We’re hoping that once rugby resumes, we’ll be able to host a pre-match lunch with your Best Ever XV in attendance.

Happy Voting!


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